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Get the pet loss grief support you need right away

Get lightning-fast access to the finest pet loss support and grief help resources on the internet. Use our up-to-date assortment of Lightning Strike Links for the pet loss support, pet grief information, and advice you need right now to begin your grief and healing journey.

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Adirondack Stone Works Pet Memorial Stones Adirondack Stone Works
Pet Memorial Stones

Sponsor and friend of the site, Adirondack Stone Works provides custom engraved pet memorial stones at an affordable price. The tumbled Pennsylvania Bluestone they sand carve comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
The Bereavement page The Bereavement Page

This wonderful page, titled "On the Death of a Beloved Cat" was created by Dave Ratcliffe, the kind soul who helped us in every possible way he could to get the alt.support.grief.pet-loss newsgroup up and running.
The Monday Pet Loss Candle Ceremony 

This petloss.com page includes directions for the popular Monday night pet loss candle ceremony you can hold in your own home to remember your pet, and the popular pet loss story of Rainbow Bridge. 
Virtual Pet Cemetary The Virtual Pet Cemetery

Immortalize your pet in cyberspace by requesting a plot at The Virtual Pet Cemetery, a wonderful idea brought to you by the kind folks at Lavamind Software. Write a eulogy for your best friend, send it to the Virtual Pet Cemetery and your words from the heart will appear for all to see...and for you to cherish. Pictures in electronic format are also accepted.
Ten Tips on Coping With the Loss of Your Pet Ten Tips on Coping with
the Loss of a Pet

Moira Anderson, author of the award-winning book Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet, offers her own comprehensive guide to pet loss, as well as other insights and related links on her Pet Loss Grief Resource Page. Information about her wonderful writings is also available here on her personal website.
Death of the Family Pet Death of the Family Pet

Provided as a public service by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries, Death of the Family Pet takes you step by step through the five stages of pet loss grief, "Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Grief, and Resolution." The page also helps owners come to grips with the tough decision of pet euthanasia, and discusses the various ways to give your beloved pet a proper and dignified final goodbye.
NetVet Electronic Zoo and Vet Resources NetVet's Electronic Zoo

An excellent site for the animal lover, NetVet's Electronic Zoo includes information databases on pet health, plus links to other related sites.
Phone Numbers for Pet Lovers Phone Numbers for Pet Lovers

Get the information and pet loss support you need with a few clicks of the mouse. This excellent reference guide features pet loss support hotlines around the U.S.A.
Bereaved Online Support Center Bereavement Self-Help
Resources Guide

Provides an exhaustive supply of information and advice for bereavement support, as well as links for additional venues of support.
Dr. Grohol's Psych Central Dr. Grohol's Psych Central

This huge sites offer factual information concerning the many types of bereavement, and a list of alternative grief support websites to visit.
Pet Vets Pet Loss Page Pet Vets Pet Loss Page

This has to be one of the best practitioner sites i have come across. Harmony Animal Hospital in Jupiter, Florida, features an insightful collection of articles and resources perfect if you're pet recently died and you are new to the grieving process.
My Pets Complete Pet Guide

My Pets

Your complete guide to selecing and caring for your pet. Includes pet names, pet care tips, pet information, advice on choosing a pet, pet loss support site listing, and more.

Handicapped Pets Support

Help for Handicapped Pets

For the caretakers of elderly dogs, disabled and sick pets, and handicapped animals. They help you care for them


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