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Pet Loss Poem - Our Pet Death Story
Nothing is stronger or more rewarding than the unconditional love between a beloved pet and its "foster" parent

Tribble helped this pet loss support site come to life, with his death on New Year's Day 1996

A Tribbute* To Tribble
5.31.83 - 1.1.96

When you suffer the loss of any pet, the best thing you can do is seek out others who can empathize with the grief you experience.

Online since 1996, this pet loss support website contains information and other items of pet loss grief support that can help you make it through these troubled times. The true beauty of the internet is its vast resources. And, we hope Lightning Strike Pet Loss Support is the one place to which you can turn to get the comfort and unconditional pet loss grief support you need right away.

Over the years, the Lightning Strike website has been created three times...with the one you are reading now being version 3.0. View its progress by visiting our first version created shortly after Tribble's death in 1996. And, to celebrate the arrival of the new millenium, our second version created in 2001.

*Note: "Tribbute" has intentionally been spelled this way as a memorium to Tribble. Thanks to those who have let me know the correct spelling over the years :)

What do you say when a good friend dies?

What do you do when a good friend dies?
Do you lash out in anger and curse at the sky.
Or grasp hard denial, the means of the weak,
In an effort to kindle the comfort you seek.

What do you do when a good friend dies?
Once life's breath, so precious, gives the chest final rise.
In haste you take blame, no other at fault,
You kneel upturned earth and deem all happiness to halt.

What do you do when a good friend dies?
When with him the times, both good and bad, lie.
Do you cast aside the past,
for memories hurt much too much,
Or struggle and fight for that last lingering touch.

What do you do when a good friend dies?
When all of the tears have all but been cried.
No matter how much, no matter how hard you try.
The only thing to do is say farewell.

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